Le ville

Luciano Benetton founded Società Agricola Villa Minelli in 2007 from the will of producing its own wine from the vineyards located in the area of three Venetian Villas placed in Ponzano and Villorba, two villages in the Treviso province (in the North-East of Italy). In 2012 Società Agricola Villa Minelli set the ground for this new project, after a testing period of a few years in which the local vine varieties and the "different terroirs" had been tasted. The wines obtained thanks to this project are fresh, young, easy to drink and, more importantly, they come from the local area of Treviso. The soul of the project is perfectly embodied by Mr Francesco Serafini, who represents in a deep and precise way the Treviso region features in the enology world. The hard and passionate work of the men who have implemented this project has given birth to three wines: two white wines (one is a blend; the other is the outcome of a single vine variery); a red wine blended from four grapes. We can clearly state that this project can fully represent the real traditions of Veneto area.