Merlot Vecchie Vigne 2016 Villa Minelli

100% Merlot

The purest Merlot. Intense ruby red with subtle purplish reflections. Intense bouquet of woodland berries and violets, with spicy overtones. Winey and lingering on the palate, with woodland berries blending with ripe marasca cherries and the mild tannins which give the wine body. As well as the usual attention to vinification, it is left to rest for 12 months in new French oak wood.


SOIL: In the heart of the Treviso plains in the Ponzano Veneto area, on loose, coarse, gravelly soil



GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Merlot on old rootstock

AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINES: older than 50 years

VINES/ha: 3.000

VINEYARD ASPECT: flat terrain, rows running north-south


MEAN LOAD: maximum 10 bunches per vine

YIELD (100kg/ha): 60/70

VINE MANAGEMENT: integrated pest control and possibility of irrigation

OPERATIONS ON VINES: leaf removal, tipping, bud removal, working of the soil between the rows to avoid the use of weed killers and thinning


Hand picking in 10/12 kg crates. Variety by variety, when the grapes are perfectly ripe. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard, then on a vibrating table in the winery, followed by destemming, crushing and fermentation at a controlled temperature with low sulphur dioxide content in horizontal macerators. After drawing off, it is transferred to barriques where alcoholic fermentation finishes and malolactic fermentation takes place. Here it rests in wood for at least 12/15 months before bottling, followed by short bottle-ageing for 6 months.


ANALYTICAL DATA: alcohol content: 13% vol.; total acidity: 4.8 g/l

TASTING NOTES: a magnificent ruby colour, deep but bright, with a dense consistency forming progressive evident arcs on the sides of the glass. The first impact on the nose is immediately intense, complex and fine, with distinct notes of blackberry, sour cherry and violets; it then unfolds with spicy overtones, progressing through mild tobacco, cocoa, vanilla, sandalwood and liquorice. On the palate, the first impact is extraordinarily balanced. It is immediately warm and caressing, against a background of smooth, round, almost “sweet” tannins. The flavourful finish supports the lingering notes of blackberry and blackcurrant with overtones of sweet spices. Ideal to accompany roast kid, stewed rabbit, shin of veal and semi-mature cow's cheeses.