Metodo Classico Villa Minelli

80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Nero

Intense straw yellow with a fine lingering perlage.  Fruity with marked overtones of bread, creamy and soft in the mouth, with mineral aromas.  Hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard, soft pressing of the grapes, settling and fermentation at a controlled temperature. This is followed by second fermentation in the bottle (Champenoise method) and fining on the lees for 48 months.


SOIL: in the heart of the Treviso plains in the Ponzano Veneto area, on loose, coarse, gravelly soil



GRAPE VARIETIES: Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Nero 20%


VINES/ha: 4.000

VINEYARD ASPECT: flat terrain, rows running north-south

PRUNING SYSTEM: spurred cordon

MEAN LOAD: 2 kg/vine

YIELD (100kg/ha): 80/90

VINE MANAGEMENT: integrated pest control and possibility of irrigation

OPERATIONS ON VINES: leaf removal, tipping, bud removal and working of the soil between the rows to avoid the use of weed killers


Hand picking in 10/12 kg crates. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard, then on a vibrating table in the winery, followed by destemming, soft crushing by roller, very short cold maceration with dry ice and fermentation at a controlled temperature with low sulphur dioxide content. Ageing on fine lees until second fermentation in the bottle and fining on the lees for 48 months. Drawing off is followed by short bottle-ageing.


ANALYTICAL DATA: alcohol content: 12.00% vol.; total acidity: 6.8 g/l; residual sugar 3 g/l

TASTING NOTES: bright straw yellow sparkling wine, with abundant fine persistent bubbles and a creamy dense froth when poured. On the nose, the first impact is of great balance between fragrant notes of good yeast and freshly baked bread and hints of fresh ripe fruit and nuts, progressing from green hazelnuts through fresh almonds to medlars and apple peel. At the first sip, it immediately reveals a great character of freshness and minerality with a robust body. It then gradually develops a delicate smoothness, creating a balanced, fresh, lingering finish with notes of citrus fruit. An excellent sparkling wine to drink as an aperitif, or to accompany raw seafood, mild cured meats and creamy cheeses.