Passito 2020 Villa Minelli

100% Malvasia Istriana

From the Malvasia Istriana vineyards comes a dense, robust, amber-coloured wine.  The bouquet is decidedly intense and complex, with hints of mature fruitiness, barley sugar and honey.  The first impact on the palate is sweet, unfolding to candied fruit and toasted almonds for a soft, caressing finish.  The grapes are hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard, then dried naturally on cane mats for 4-5 months in a current of air.


LOCATION: in the heart of the Treviso plains in the Ponzano Veneto area, on loose, coarse, gravelly soil

SURFACE AREA: selected bunches from the historic Malvasia vines


GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Malvasia Istriana with loose-packed bunches

AVERAGE AGE OF THE VINES: average 60 years

VINES/ha: 2.000

VINEYARD ASPECT: flat terrain, rows running north-south

TYPE OF PRUNING: Sylvoz and Veneto pergola

MEAN LOAD: 5 kg/vine

YIELD (100kg/ha): 60

VINE MANAGEMENT: integrated pest control and possibility of irrigation

OPERATIONS ON VINES: leaf removal, tipping, bud removal and working of the soil between the rows to avoid the use of weed killers


Hand picking in 10 kg crates all at the same time. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard where the loosest bunches are chosen. These are placed on cane mats in the winery and left to dry naturally for 3/4 months in a current of air. This is followed by destemming, soft crushing and fermentation at a controlled temperature. Brief period in wood and ageing in the bottle.


ANALYTICAL DATA: alcohol content: 13% vol.; total acidity: 7.5 g/l

TASTING NOTES: bright amber colour, dense and robust. On the nose, it is markedly intense and complex, with hints of mature fruitiness. The distinct aromas of candied citrus fruit and sultanas in spirit develop into barley sugar, honey and macaroons with nuances of zabaione. The first impact on the palate is sweet, unfolding immediately with candied fruit and toasted almonds against a flavourful but still fresh background, becoming pleasantly warm, caressing and velvety in the mouth. Splendid finish with bitter caramel against a robust body with a creamy back palate. Ideal served with dry confectionery or herb cheeses.