The Winery

The winery is located in the Villorba area in a region with a traditional farming vocation along the "Via Postumia", known in the 1500s as the "Strada Regia" or "Royal Road". An important route for travellers coming down from Germany to Venice, lined with numerous taverns where wine was the protagonist... local, white or dark red, sweet and generous. And here, in the heart of Veneto, an old farmhouse from the early 1900s has been meticulously converted into an efficient modern winery.

Maintaining the original appearance and layout, the building has been fitted out with cutting edge equipment, allowing vinification of individual batches with horizontal macerators and temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. An underground floor has been constructed for storing wine for ageing in an optimum environment, with a room for ageing in wood and a drying room for natural raisining of the grapes on cane mats. The building also has a welcoming tasting area.

The conversion and commissioning of the plant ended in 2007 with the aim of making wine from grapes coming from the vines grown on the estates of three Veneto Villas in the Ponzano and Villorba areas in the province of Treviso. After the first few years getting to know the local grape varieties and individual terroirs, the Villa Minelli estate began its activities in 2012.

A total of nine hectares are cultivated. Alongside the younger vineyards about 10-15 years old, there are also two historic vineyards more than 50 years old, the company's proud boast. These are managed with 100% hand pruning and picking, low pesticide use and no weed killers to keep production as natural as possible.

The resulting wines are fresh, young and easy drinking, but above all a product of their native land, encapsulating and paying tribute to all the characteristics of rich flavour and freshness.

There are three whites, a Pinot Grigio, a Prosecco and a Chardonnay, accompanied by a young fruity Merlot, a Cabernet, and the company's flagship, the Merlot Vecchie Vigne, coming from a 50 year-old vineyard adjacent to Villa Minelli.

The range is completed by a raisin wine, made from mat-dried Malvasia grapes in small quantities and only in a few years, a Metodo Classico and a Chardonnay. This is the first result of the work and passion of the men and women who created this project, destined to fully represent the tradition of the Treviso Marches.