Cabernet 2018 Villa Minelli

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the Ponzano Veneto and Villorba areas, this deep cyclamen red wine has a marked bouquet of ripe woodland berries and spices. The palate reflects the fragrance, but emphasising the blackberries, ripe tannins and full caressing vinosity. The grapes are hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard, followed by fermentation with low sulphur dioxide content, frequent daily punching down and ageing on the lees until spring.


SOIL: In the heart of the Treviso plains in the Ponzano Veneto area, on loose, coarse, gravelly soil



GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon


VINES/ha: 4.000

VINEYARD ASPECT: flat terrain, rows running north-south

PRUNING SYSTEM: spurred cordon

MEAN LOAD: maximum 6-8 bunches per vine

YIELD (100kg/ha): 70/90

VINE MANAGEMENT: integrated pest control and possibility of irrigation

OPERATIONS ON VINES: leaf removal, tipping, bud removal and working of the soil between the rows to avoid the use of weed killers


Hand picking in 10/12 kg crates when the grapes are perfectly ripe. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard, then on a vibrating table in the winery, followed by destemming, crushing and fermentation at a controlled temperature with low sulphur dioxide content in horizontal macerators. After drawing off, it is transferred to stainless steel tanks where malolactic fermentation takes place, followed by stabilisation, again in stainless steel, until bottling and short bottle-ageing.


ANALYTICAL DATA: alcohol content: 12.5% vol.; total acidity: 5 g/l

TASTING NOTES: the wine has a dense, almost impenetrable, dark ruby red texture, with a full, dense consistency. The first impact on the nose is of a striking and intense fruitiness of juicy red plums, blackberries and blueberry juice. This then develops into hints of mild pipe tobacco and vanilla pods, with notes of menthol and dried mountain herbs. At the first sip, it embraces the palate with a velvety soft caress, accentuated by the smooth round tannins, expressing a fine body. The wine then unfolds into an impeccable balance of flavourful sensations and fresh fruitiness which accompany it to a pleasantly and progressively harmonious finish. Excellent with braised steak, spit-roasted meat, tagliatelle with venison sauce and medium-mature Asiago cheese.